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In this lesson, let’s learn how to ask questions and understand instructions related to locations of facilities at workplaces. At workplaces in Japan, you are required to follow a certain set of rules from safety, efficiency and disciplinary reasons. One of the challenges that foreign workers may face in Japan is the difference in the perception of when to take a break during work hours. In many workplaces in Japan, lunch hours are strictly regulated and so are the break hours, especially for those
working in production lines of factories and also in retail and service industries. You might be one of many who feel that the Japanese way is too rigid, but the reason behind this is because “teamwork” is valued highly in Japan to achieve high-quality and seamless services and production. When you start working, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it is advisable to check with your bosses about the rules they may have regards taking a break. It is also useful to know how to ask permission in Japanese when you need to go to the bathroom, smoking room, etc.

例 | Example:
A すみません、きつえんじょ は ありますか。 Sumimasen, kitsuen-jo wa arimasu ka.
     Excuse me, is there a smoking space (around here)?
B はい、あります。 Hai, arimasu.
    Yes, there is.
A(きつえんじょは)どこに ありますか。 (kitsuen-jo wa) Doko ni arimasu ka.
     Where is it (the smoking space)?
B 2かいに あります。 Ni-kai ni arimasu.
     On the second floor.
A そうですか。いま、(きつえんじょに) いってもいいですか。
    Soo desu ka. Ima, (kitsuen-jo) ni ittemo ii desu ka.
    I see. May I go (to the smoking room) now?
B はい、どうぞ。 Hai, doozo.
    Yes, go ahead.

語彙 | Vocabulary:
しょくどう / しゃしょく 食堂 / 社食        shokudoo / shashoku         cafeteria / staff canteen
かいぎしつ   会議室                                           kaigi-shitsu                         meeting room

きゅうとうしつ  給湯室                                    kyuutoo-shitsu                    office kitchenette / pantry

じどうはんばいき(じはんき)自動販売機  jidoohanbaiki (jihanki)       vending machine

きゅうけいしつ   休憩室                                  kyuukei-shitsu                      resting room

きつえんじょ   喫煙所                                      kitsuen-jo                             smoking space

かいだん   階段                                                  kaidan                                  stairs

エレベーター                                                     erebeetaa                             elevator

ひじょうぐち   非常口                                      hijooguchi                           emergency exit

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