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Recount mirip dengan Anekdot jika dilihat tujuannya untuk memaparkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang sudah lewat. Perbedaan utama adalah bahwa Anekdot memiliki unsur lucu dan menghibur. Karena perbedaan inilah maka Recount dan Anekdot menggunakan struktur generik serta unsur leksikogramatika yang juga berbeda.
Significant Lexicogrammatical Features

- Specific participants (Mrs. Brady, our dog, the shopkeeper)
- Use of simple past tense (she smiled, it barked, he pointed).
- Use of action verbs [material processes] (went, climed, ate).
- Use of linking items to do with time (on Wednesay, then, at the same time, next, later, before).
- Details irrelevant to the purpose of the text should be avoided.

Personal Recount
- Use of first person pronouns (I, we).
- Personal responses to the events can be included, particularly at the end.
- Details are often chosen to add interest or humor.

Factual Recount
- Use of thrid person pronouns (he, she,it, they).
- Details are usually selected to help the reader reconstruct the activity or incident accurately.
- Sometimes the ending describes the outcome of the acivity (e.g. in a science experiment).
- Mention of personal feelings is probably not appropriate.
- Details of time, place and manner may need to be precisely stated (e.g. at 2.35 pm, between Johnson St and Park Rd, the man drove at the speed of 80kph).
- Descriptive details may also be required to provide precise information (e.g. a man with a red shirt, brown shoes, and long hair, weighing 75 kilos and approximately 189 cm tall).
- The passive voice may be used (e.g. the beaker was filled with water).
- It may be appropriate to include explanation and justifications.

Imaginative Recount

- Usually written in the first person.
- It may be appropriate to include personal reactions.

source = Power Point dari Ms. Diyan *guru smpku*

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