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Teks prosedur adalah jenis teks yang banyak dijumpai di sekitar kita, dalam “manual”, resep-resep masakan, aturan-aturan, dan berbagai teks “how to” yang lain. Derewianka (1990) menyebutkan bahwa jenis teks prosedur memberitahu kita bagaimana sesuatu dikerjakan melalui serangkaian langkah atau tindakan. Dapatkah Anda menyebutkan beberapa contoh?
Bagaimana sesungguhnya teks prosedur dijumpai dalam keseharian kita? Dalam berbagai konteks jenis teks ini dapat kita jumpai, dan sesungguhnya kita sering kali berkomunikasi dengan menggunakan teks prosedur: pada waktu kita menonton acara masak-memasak di TV, membaca cara menyetel radio di manual, melakukan praktikum, dan lain-lain. Hendaknya perlu kita bangkitkan kesadaran pada siswa bahwa teks prosedur ini sangat dekat dengan keseharian mereka. Sebagai guru kita dapat memperkenalkan jenis-jenis teks prosedur ini dengan membawa benda-benda otentik, atau mengajak siswa mengalami secara nyata.
Suatu teks Prosedur secara umum memiliki strutktur generik yang terdiri atas:
• Title,
• Classification atau Definition,
• Description of Features in order of importance,
• List of Materials (optional), dan
• Series of steps sequenced in logical order.
Berikutnya, perhatikanlah nilai-nilai sosiokultural dari berbagai ungkapan tersebut. Bagaimanakah seseorang meminta orang lain melakukan sesuatu untuknya? Samakah bila misalnya ungkapan itu dituliskan?
Beberapa fungsi sosiokultural teks Prosedur adalah untuk memberikan instruksi, memberikan peringatan, dan menyatakan urutan temporal. Untuk instruksi dan peringatan, fitur tata bahasa yang sering digunakan adalah kata kerja imperative; untuk urutan temporal digunakan sequencers seperti first, next, then, finally. Terkadang teks prosedur dilengkapi dengan diagram, flow chart, atau ilustrasi.

Versi - Versi Procedure =


How to Make a Pencil Box

What you need:
o An empty plastic bottle of mineral water
o A sharp cutter
o A piece of white or colourful paper
o Some paint
o Some glue
How to make it:
1. Wash the plastic bottle. Make sure it is clean when you use it.
2. Cut the bottle into two halves.
3. Wrap the bottle with a piece of coloured paper
4. If you use plain paper, use the paint to make a drawing on it.
5. Now your pencil box is ready to use.


Pencil box from the bottles of mineral water
I’m sure you all know mineral water, right? What is an example of mineral water? Yes, we have a lot of them now, such as Aqua, the most famous one, or Club, or Cheers. Do you know that the bottles of the mineral water can be useful for us? We can recycle them and make useful things. Now we are going to learn how to make a pencil box from the used bottle of mineral water. Listen carefully:
First, you have to prepare the things that you need; they are an empty plastic bottle of mineral water, a sharp cutter, a piece of white or colourful paper, some paint and some glue.
After that, wash the plastic bottle to make sure it is clean. Then cut the bottle into two, and wrap the bottom part with paper. If you use white paper, draw some interesting pictures on the paper and paint them.
Now, your pencil box is ready to use!


Patty Cakes
3 tablespoon butter 1 cup self-raising flour
¼ cup castor sugar pinch salt
1 egg ¼ cup milk
¼ teaspoon vanilla

1. Beat butter and sugar to cream
2. Add lightly beaten egg and vanilla. Beat well.
3. Sift flour and salt together
4. Fold in dry ingredients alternately with milk and mix well.
5. Drop heaped teaspoonfuls of mixture into well-greased patty tins or papers.
6. Bake in a moderately hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes.
7. Cool on a wire rack
8. Ice with butter icing.

How will the Sun Die?
Like any other star, the sun will die. In 5 or 6 thousand million years it will have an energy crisis. It will have no more hydrogen to burn at its core, which will then contract and burn helium instead. The Sun’s atmosphere will expand at incredible speeds to about 100 times its present size and the sun will become a red giant. As this happens, it will swallow the Earth, melting continents, boiling oceans and vaporizing the planet as it does so. The red giant phase will last a few million years, then gravity will cause the final collapse. Great waves of matter will be thrown out as the sun contracts to the size of our Earth, becoming a white dwarf, so dense that a handful of matter will weigh 16 tonnes. Slowly the last of its heat will radiate away. The Sun will be dead. (Taken from My Book of Questions and Answers, Peter Haddock Ltd. Ref.083)

How to Vote
1. The voter goes to the party representative and gets a “How to Vote” card.
2. He/She then goes to the polling clerk who crosses out their name to show the have voted
3. The clerk then gives them a ballot paper.
4. They then go to a polling booth where they vote for the party who they want to vote for by putting a number for each person on the voting paper.
5. When each person has finished voting, she/he puts the ballot paper into a ballot box.
6. He/She then goes and watches the results on TV

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