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^^Youth Pledge speech^^

Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise be to Allah SWT the most merciful and beneficent, for his blessing. Not forget to our prophet Muhammad SAW and his family and best friends.

The honorable juries,
The honorable Ladies and Gentleman,

In this time, let me talk about “The relation between the spirit of youth pledge and high technology of Game On-line virus among the Junior High School student as the next generation of Indonesian people.” On 28th of October 1928, Indonesian Youth nationalists from all over the country proclaimed a historic Youth Pledge, known as “Sumpah Pemuda”, for one blood – the Indonesian homeland, one people – the Indonesian nation, and an unifying language – Indonesian.
The main destination of this Youth Pledge was because of the Indonesian Youth nationalists want that all of teenagers that will be the next generations of Indonesian people can reach the main idea of the Youth Pledge “One homeland, nation, and language, Indonesian.”
But before Indonesian get it’s independence with Dutch colonialism, no tolerance for the Indonesians poor people to get the education. The education was only for the exclusive children from the important official. So, government reported that more than 80% of the populations could not only speak, but also read Indonesian.
In 1945, when Soekarno declared independence of Indonesia, the Youth association suggests the government to realize the idea of Youth Pledge with include the Indonesians language for the material in all of school of Indonesia. So can increase the nationalism the Indonesian people.
Now, let discuss what the differences between the teenager now with the teenager at past?? The correct answer is technology! Development of technology brings many things that people don’t have many years ago.
Now at 2008 Indonesian’s government declared about free-cost education at Elementary, and Junior high school. Government hope with this declared can increase the quality of Indonesian people.
The government not only declared the free-cost education, but also Internet goes to school. In this problem, the government wants the students from Elementary until University student can use internet as source for their learning process. But, the internet technology not only gives sources for their learning process, but also gives the other service.
The one of popular internet services is online games. Online games are played over some form of computer network all over the world. This online games such as Ayodance, Ragnarok, Perfect World, Seal, Counter Strike, and many else. These online games have differences with single games on personal computer without internet connections. These games have thousands of users around the world. So, we can play the game and chat with other users.
Online games also have some negative consequences. Some of those consequences are losing sleep, decrease eye’s health, wish the time and money. There is little doubt that playing a game online, with thousands of other players, is a more enjoyable experiences for game players than playing an offline game.
But researches found those online games enticed players into playing the game for much longer times than single player offline games. Some advantages of play these online games are the player can interact with the other players, and have a lot fun play with many friends, get information’s from other players, and can refresh our mind.
Playing online games according to some research is beneficial. It enables the mind of the players to be more active and have a fast move.
I think thats all my oponion, thank you for your attention.
Wassalammualaikum wr. wb.

By Ayuni,, helped by Ms. Diyan 

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